p80 Drilled Wheel Hubs


We take new OEM hubs and add 2 additional Bolt Hole mounting patterns to allow you use a variety of wheel options on the market.

The two patterns are 5 x 114.3 and 5 x 100

We drill and tap the new holes from the Volvo standard of M12x1.75 to a more common size of M12x1.5 which allows for a variety of wheel bolts and thread in stud conversions. 

  • Front hubs are FAG brand part number 574566BE
  • Rear hubs for FWD vehicles are SKF brand part number BR930242
  • Rear hubs for AWD vehicles, these do include bearings, Volvo part number 9157304

All kits are sold in pairs except for the machining service which is all 4 corners.   If you only need 2 hubs you are supplying to be machined the price is the same as 4.   

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