Luxe Steer™


Luxe Steer™ is a product that interfaces with the bottom of our adjustable strut mounts and allows the use of the Volvo/INA/SKF 700/900 Strut Bearings with our coil over components and adjustable strut mounts.

The Factory Strut bearings found on the 700/900 cars are excellent for this application. They are affordable, sealed bearing so they will not be contaminated by dirt and road debris, and very durable. It is easy to go 100,000 miles on a set of these on a stock car.

Luxe Steer™ is compatible with models that use our adjustable strut mounts, IE 240s, 700/900, 850, s70, v70, s60, and s80s.

There are several benefits to using a roller bearing for rotational motion of the spring. Luxe Steer™ removes a majority of the load that the spherical bearing normally receives. Reducing this load puts less side loading into your struts increasing the dampening performance and service life of the struts and strut mounts. Luxe Steer™ will also reduce the amount of force required for steering, a definite plus if you are running without power steering.

There are a few ways to purchase Luxe Steer™.

If you are going to purchase coil overs and adjustable strut mounts in addition to Luxe Steer™ please add them on the coil over page for a reduced price.

Individual prices for the components:

Luxe Steer™ Base Plate Bracket that bolts to bottom of the strut mount w/hardware: 70 + Shipping

Luxe Steer™ Spring perches that adapt from the 700/900 strut bearing to 2.5" coil over seats 74+ Shipping