p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings
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p80 / p2 Delrin Subframe Bushings

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$195 + Shipping for a set of 4 bushings

Key Features: 

  • Improved brake response
  • Improved throttle response
  • Improved cornering stability and feel
  • Improved chassis stiffness
  • CNC Machined Delrin Construction
  • Compatible with factory mounting hardware and support plates.


Volvo originally designed the FWD & AWD p80 and p2 models, such as the 850, s60, v70, with a rubber-isolated subframe. The subframe holds the steering, lower half of the front suspension, and powertrain assembly. The rubber bushing help to reduce any NVH from any of those components. Over time these bushings deteriorate and allow for excessive slop and movement. This leaves the front steering and suspension disconnected from the rest of the car, exactly opposite what you want in a good handling performance-oriented vehicle.

If your Volvo feels like it has a loose chassis or it "wiggles" going down the road this could mean your subframe bushings are shot. Instead of replacing them with replacement rubber bushings, upgrade them with Delrin bushings. Delrin is an engineered plastic that has low compliance but still offers some vibration-dampening. What this means to you is you still get some vibration reduction from the front assembly, but everything is located securely and not allowed to wiggle around.

During our testing on our daily driver 96 850R and we were amazed at the difference after the bushings were installed. The car is much more engaging to drive. The chassis feels much stiffer and flexes much less, the Delrin actually turns the subframe into a giant chassis brace. The steering response is much quicker, and now actually feels quite good. The braking response has also been improved.

The only downside that we experienced from changing to the delrin bushings that we experienced is very minor engine vibration transmitted at idle. The vibration is not very significant or annoying, but before there was no engine vibration detectable at idle and now you can feel the engine. A slight increase in engine vibration at idle compared to better handling and a stiffer chassis is a trade worth making.  Some customers say they can not feel a difference in any increase in vibrations being transmitted to the chassis after the installation.

Install Tool Rental : 

We can provide a tool to help with the installation of the subframe bushings,  it comes with a delrin spacer to go between the subframe and the chassis and an aluminum driver to allow a bolt to properly push the bushing into the subframe.

The tool rental is $10 / month, with timing starting once the package is received.   The total deposit/cost for the tool is 50$.    If you want to keep the tool, you will pay the full deposit price.