1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers
1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers
1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers
1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers
1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers
Kaplhenke Racing

1995-1998 960/S90/V90 Coilovers

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These products fit the late suspension revision that Volvo used on all 960 from 95-98.   

Front Kit Contents:

  • Kaplhenke Designed / JRZ RS Series Adjustable Coilover Struts
  • Eibach Racing Springs

Rear Kit Contents:

  • Kaplhenke Designed / Koni or JRZ Adjustable Shocks
  • Eibach Racing Springs


We recommend pairing these with one of the adjustable strut mounts that are listed on our website.  

 JRZ Dampers are fully CNC machined.   With the added precision and refined design they offer increased ride comfort and better chassis control.   

This means you get better ride quality while also increasing the handling performance of the vehicle.   

The dampers have 24 clicks of adjustment to suite a wide range of driving demands and conditions.

All kits are built to order and have a ~ 3 week lead time.   We can customize them to suit your individual needs.

The JRZ RS has a large 22 mm diameter piston rod in strut applications and a 16 mm in aluminium damper applications. This means responsive chassis control at even the smallest suspension movements.

The large piston rod in combination with the high nitrogen gas pressure creates a lifting force giving great chassis control without using a high spring rate.

Our twin tube design uses a smaller diameter piston that gives a smooth feel during street driving. Working in conjunction with our blow off compression valving patterned from our racing dampers, the JRZ RS valving is the perfect marriage between daily driving and club racing.

To work with all ranges of spring and driver needs, the JRZ RS has an extra large adjustment range. With a few clicks you can turn your smooth street car into a crisp, rock solid track car in seconds.

JRZ Offers a 1 year Warranty on their dampers and they are rebuildable. 

Eibach Racing Springs offers a lifetime warranty on their springs.