850 Adjustable Control Arms
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850 Adjustable Control Arms

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These were designed to help stabilize and add control to the front suspension 850. In this Front Wheel Drive Suspension design 100% of the power is pushed the through the front wheels which also have to steer and brake the car. This means that the alignment of the front wheels is very critical to making the front suspension function as designed and transmit the power smoothly to the road.

The rubber bushings that factory uses allows for a large amount of misalignment which can lead to sloppy handling, wheel hop, and torque steer. Replacing the pivots with teflon lubricated precision rod ends will keep the wheel in its intended path and reduces the car's tendency to wheel hop and torque steer. The transition between the a spinning tire and a gripping tire is much smoother and more controllable making control easier at the limit.

These control arms received extensive computer aided design time. Finite Element analysis was used to minimize the weight of the arms but to keep the arms stiffness and strength at a maximum.

Key Benefits

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel Construction
  • 5 ounces lighter than the Stock Arm
  • Adjustable to find that perfect alignment
  • Eliminates the stock rubber bushings and replaces them with PTFE lubricated spherical rod ends
  • Replaceable OEM ball joint
  • Finite Element Optimized to minimize excess weight and maximize strength
  • 100% TIG Welded Construction
  • Electroless nickel plated for long lasting durable corrosion prevention.


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