700/900 Spherical Adjustable Strut Mounts



$199 / set including 2 struts mounts, spherical bearings, and mounting hardware + Shipping

$312 / set including 2 strut mounts, spherical bearings, mounting hardware,  2 SKF Luxe Steer Bearings, & 2 2.5" ID Luxe Steer Spring Perches + Shipping

Key Features:

  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% CNC Machined in the USA
  • High Strength Alloy Steel Spherical Bearings with a PTFE liner made in the USA by FK Bearings
  • Improved alignment range over stock mounts (increased positive caster and negative camber possible)
  • Improved durability and precision over stock rubber mounts.  
  • Luxe Steer Compatible
  • BNE select
  • Compatible with the stock Volvo strut bearing and spring seat.


We have sold variations of our 700/900 adjustable strut mount since 2006.  Being unwilling to compromise on quality and versatility, the pricing keeps our parts out of the hands of many of our customers.  We decided to  scale back the complexity and versatility of the design and build a high value option,  the key features we wanted to focus on was durability and improving the alignment range over the stock strut mount.    We call these high value / lower price parts BNEselect.  

These plates have 6 slots on the outer perimeter that can be utilized to adjust the caster and camber.   

These are compatible with stock spring and spring perches.   


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