700/900 Koni Coilovers for cars with the MKI IRS


These are our coilovers for cars that have the first generation Independent Rear Suspension aka MK1 IRS.

For the fronts we have our standard coilovers that can be used with the dampers of your choice or we can shorten the housings and install Koni Race dampers.

Both Front options include our refundable $200 spindle core charge.   

For the rear we have bolt-in coilovers to replace the nivomats of the independent rear suspension. 

We have 2 options,  

1) A steel bodied Rebound Adjustable (4 positions) Koni Racing Coilover Setup w/ Eibach Racing Springs

2) An Aluminum bodied Rebound and Compression Adjustable (12 positions) Koni Racing Coilover setup w/ Eibach Racing Springs



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