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700/900 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications

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This product gives a package option for coilovers to ease in ordering. 

These come available in stock length housing or shortened housings.

This package includes:

  • Koni sport dampers front and sport or race dampers rear
  • Front coil-overs and rear adjustable spring perches
  • Eibach XT springs in the front and Eibach 5" OD springs in the back
  • Koni front bump stops
  • Refundable Coilover Core ($200)


This package includes lengthened strut housings with Koni dampers that are raised in the housing,  We can also provide a Koni with increased travel and longer body length.

The rear race dampers we can supply have a longer body and travel than the factory sport dampers so you can raise the vehicle more.