700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers
700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers
700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers
700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers
700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers
Kaplhenke Racing

700/900 Reinforced Short Strut Coilovers

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 Each Reinforced Short Strut Coilover Package includes:

  • 2 Reinforced Strut Housings w/ Electroless Nickel Plating (Not Including Cores)
  • 2 Koni Race Strut Dampers
  • 2 Eibach Racing Springs, spring rate & length chosen per order (XT springs used when available)
  • Upper and Lower Spring Perches
  • 1 set of height adjusting wrenches

Available Upgrades for this Product:

  • Double Adjustable Koni Inserts for Rebound and Compression

  • Luxe Steer™ SKF Bearings


One of the weak points of the Volvo 700/900 Front Suspension is the Strut Housing / Spindle Assembly.  The factory spindles are a nice forging that hold up to most abuse with exceptions in the case of extreme rally cars.  The tubing that Volvo uses to hold the strut inserts while thicker than many other manufacturers is still relatively thin and it is very common to see bent strut housings on cars especially if they are driven in areas with subpar road surfaces or if they being used in on the track where the fastest line can be going over curbing.   The method that volvo connects the strut housing to the spindle is also not very stiff and flexes quite a bit.    

These reinforced strut housings use thicker tubing combined with a superior geometry that is resistant to bending & flexing.    The welded construction method is also much more durable than the factory swedged housings.   

We offer these components in 2 different lengths to suit a wide range of cases

  • 2.5" Shorter than stock
  • 3.75" Shorter than stock

We can help you select which housing length will be best for you.   There are 2 key parameters for selecting the proper strut housing length, Ride height & Wheel/Tire Package.   Running a taller wheel and tire package will raise the car and these can help correct the ride height without loosing ride quality or travel.

The Koni Struts used have very aggressive valving that allow for good control of spring rates upto 600 lb/in. They are available in Single Adjustable versions which allow for adjustment of the rebound dampening and double adjustable which allow for rebound and compression dampening adjustment

Key Benefits

  • Machined Thickwall Tubing with integrated heavy duty steel threads
  • Koni Racing Single or Double Adjustable Strut inserts
  • Moves travel range lower than what factory strut housings allow for
  • TIG welded connection improves the assembly's strength and stiffness over factory swedged construction.
  • Eibach ERS Springs
  • Electroless Nickel Plated


We often get asked what the "Core" is, hopefully this will help clarify.   In this kit we are reusing the factory forged spindle.  In order to help you save money on these parts we offer the option for you to supply us with these parts instead of just forcing everyone to buy a set of spindles from us.   

To simplify the ordering process we are including the $200 refundable core charge in our product price.

  1. You can purchase a set of coilovers w/ cores from us and return your original strut cores at a later date and we will refund your $200 core charge.  If you are sending us a set of cores back they must be in good serviceable condition.   Good serviceable condition being defined as, no significant rust or corrosion, no damage or excessive wear to the bearing surfaces, and being generally straight.   If you have a set that are questionable please email us and we can confirm if they will be accepted or not.   
  2. You can supply a set of cores for us to modify for you we will deduct $200 from the cost of our coilover kit.


This is the what the core looks like (ABS 240 Unit Pictured).   When sending us the core please remove the springs, wheel hubs, back plates, brake components, and strut inserts.   It is also a good idea to tape or protect the wheel bearing area as it is easily damaged in transit.


What about the Rear?

The Rear Spring & Shock Package, includes our adjustable spring perches & Koni Race Single Adjustable dampers.