240 Strut Brace
240 Strut Brace
240 Strut Brace
240 Strut Brace
240 Strut Brace
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240 Strut Brace

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We are currently sold out of all colors and are working on our next production run of braces.   We will post updates as we get closer to having more available.   

We still have 240 Basic Braces in stock.   


Key Features:

  • All regular maintenance accessible with the brace installed.
  • High Strength Triangulated reduces stress on the chassis.
  • Thin wall steel tube construction provides a high stiffness to weight ratio. 
  • Flathood compatible
  • Brake Master Cylinder Reinforcing bracket compatible.
  • RHD & LHD compatible


This is the ultimate strut brace for the Volvo 240. This one piece weldment efficiently integrates the firewall attachment points used on the 242GT with a strut tower to strut tower brace. The one piece construction is far superior to other braces that utilizes bolted connections or even worse, rod ends to attach a cross beam.

The layout of the brace allows for all standard maintenance activities like changing the oil and flushing brake fluid without removal from the vehicle. Removal and installation is simple and fast if required for more in-depth work.

This brace employs a TIG welded tubular structure utilizing thin wall large diameter drawn over mandrel steel tubing to get a high stiffness to weight ratio. The strut tower mounting plates are 4.8mm thick laser cut plates to reduce any deflection or distortion.

This brace has been validated to fit all 3 hood styles offered on the 240 (formal hood, flat, and 86+) as well as the b230f and b21f intake manifolds. Due to variations in chassis dimensions, some easy adjustments to the brace might be required prior to installation. If you have a 1991+ 240 with the brake fluid level sensor on top of the reservoir, you will either need to modify the brace for clearance or change the brake fluid reservoir.  The early reservoir (VOLVO PART # 1206007) will swap into the later master cylinder and the level sensor be replaced with BMW #34321153157


Due to the one-piece construction of this brace and the variation from chassis to chassis of these cars, it maybe required to modify the mounting plates for your specific vehicle. This can be done with a hand held file or small sanding disc.


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