240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3
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240 Offset Spherical Strut Mounts V3

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Packages Available: 

Basic kit includes : 2 strut mounts, bearings, and mounting hardware

Basic kit + 2.5" Luxe Steer : 2 strut mounts, bearings, and mounting hardware, INA Luxe Steer bearings, & 2.5" ID Luxe Steer spring perches

Basic kit + Luxe Steer Adapters for stock spring perches : 2 strut mounts, bearings, and mounting hardware, INA Luxe Steer bearings, & V2 Luxe Steer adapters for stock spring perches

Key Features:

  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% CNC Machined in the USA
  • High Strength Alloy Steel Spherical Bearings with a PTFE liner made in the USA by FK Bearings
  • Improved alignment range over stock mounts (increased positive caster and negative camber possible)
  • Improved durability and precision over stock rubber mounts.  
  • Luxe Steer Compatible
  • BNE select


V3.0 Product Notes:

  • Luxe bearing retainer integration -  We have added an integrated luxe steer bearing retainer feature to allow for secure retention of the Luxe bearing.
  • Tooling & Process Improvement - investment in additional tooling and process improvements helped make the critical dimensions more consistent.    

V2.0 Product Notes: 

After we released our 1.0 240 Offset Strut Mounts, we had an unexpected amount of people buying these to use a stock replacement mount.  The original mounts required cutting to obtain a wide adjustment range when being used as a stock replacement mount.  In order to reduce the hassle of this process, we decided to take another look at this design with these customers in mind, and now we have the 2.0.   The key difference with these mounts is the O position now has less caster and a better-centered adjustment range than the original position 1 or position 0 with the 1.0 plates.   

A brief description of the mounting options

  • ⭕  - The preferred position for Stock and Stock Style Springs (IPD Sports springs, etc.)   The position gives a small caster bump (+1.4 degrees from stock) but maintains an even split to center the mount in the factory opening.  For some chassis and spring setups, this may add too much caster and if so, the ⭐ is the second best option. 
  • 🔺 - The preferred position for Street Cars and most track cars using a 2.5" ID Coilover spring.  This position gives you maximum Positive Caster ( approx +3.0 degrees from stock) and a good range of negative camber.   In extreme conditions, additional negative camber can be unlocked by trimming the strut tower opening to clear the strut shaft and the plate can be cut to increase clearance as well.     We do not recommend cutting unless you plan to pair this with our strut tower braces to reinforce the strut towers.
  • 🔲 - Gives a smaller bump in caster (+1.1 degrees from stock) than the 🔺 position but allows for more negative camber 
  • ⭐ - Gives a smaller bump in caster  (+1.1 degrees from stock) than the 🔺 position but allows for a centered strut top for a more neutral alignment.    

The plate labeled A and B can be swapped left and right on the vehicle to expand the overall adjustment range that these plates can achieve.   For some cars that wish to increase the front track width, you may swap it from what is "traditional" to increase the amount of achievable steering angle.    

Most users will want to use the A plate on the passenger side (LHD) and the B plate on the driver side (LHD

For people using the stock spring perch with Luxe Steer, we recommend using a Volvo bump stop and bellow part number (9140067 / 9140068) or (1273849 / 1387735).  The standard 240 factory bump stops are also compatible as well

If you are using inverted struts like Bilstein or Decarbons with the stock spring perch you do not need an external bump stop as they have an internal unit.  The standard Bilstein dust boots work fine.

Why we offer multiple 240 strut mounts:

We have sold variations of our 240 adjustable strut mount since 2003.  Being unwilling to compromise on quality and versatility, the pricing keeps our parts out of the hands of many of our customers.  We decided to scale back the complexity and versatility of the design and build a high-value option,  the key features we wanted to focus on was durability and improving the alignment range over the stock strut mount.    We call these high value / lower price parts BNEselect.

 What is Luxe steer and why would I want it? 

Luxe steer is essentially a large roller ball bearing that handles the rotational forces that are created when you steer the car. 

With a spherical bearing based camber plate, you are requiring a spherical bearing to perform multiple tasks. The first is to pivot and allow the suspension to compress and extend without adding any extra stress to the struts.  The second is to rotate with the steering of the front wheels.   Due to the design of spherical bearings, they are much better at pivoting than rotation.   What this means is that you will experience higher friction forces in your steering when using a spherical based strut mount.    Luxe Steer decouples the steering motion from the spherical bearing and places it solely on a large roller bearing.   The large diameter roller bearing will spin with very low friction with the weight of the vehicle on it.   The most common side effect of high friction in strut mounts is hearing the spring pop in driving at low speeds with high steering angles like what you would see in a parking lot.  


The Luxe Steer adapters for stock spring seats

These allow the stock upper spring seat to be used in combination with our Luxe Steer™

The use of these parts require modification of the stock spring seat,  a guide for the required modifications can be found here. 




Modification Guide for Stock 240 Spring Perches to convert to Luxe Steer

240 Offset Strut Mount Installation Guide

 If you do not want to modify the perches yourself, we offer these modification services.  You can purchase modified perches at the link below.