240 Redrilled Front Hubs


This product is a modified 240 front wheel hub that allows for alternate Bolt Circle Diameters (BCD).

These can be very useful for the mounting of wheels intended for other vehicles, especially for vehicles with rear axle swaps that may have different BCD in the rear than in the front.

The hole diameter that we are using is 12.5mm which matches Late Model GM applications.

One ARP compatible part number is 100-7708, a m12 x 1.5 mm thread stud, there are many other suppliers of studs with the correct knurl diameter for these holes.

The max bolt pattern that the 240 hub can accommodate is 5x114.3 mm (5x4.5"). We can redrill other patterns such as 5x112, 5x110, and 5x100 as well.

The purchase price includes 2 wheel hub cores ($18 each) which we will refund if we receive the cores back.   

The machining service is $55 per pair of hubs and we can include ARP studs and install them into the hubs for an additional charge

Frequently Asked Question: 

Q: Do you need to redrill the rotors to use these hubs

A: No you do not.  With 100 through 112 you do not need to modify the rotors at all, they will simply slide on due to the large diameter holes in the rotor to clear the shoulder of the factory studs.   With the common 114.3 pattern, there is a slight interference of ~1mm.  This can easily be removed with round or half-round hand file and should take about 10 minutes per rotor. 




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