240 Medium Brake Upgrade Brembo Caliper Brackets
240 Medium Brake Upgrade Brembo Caliper Brackets
240 Medium Brake Upgrade Brembo Caliper Brackets
240 Medium Brake Upgrade Brembo Caliper Brackets
Kaplhenke Racing LLC

240 Medium Brake Upgrade Brembo Caliper Brackets

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Each Order Includes:

  • 2 Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Hardware Bolts for 2 Brackets.


The idea behind this kit was to give upgrade options for people who want to improve their braking performance but not be stuck running 17" wheels or larger.    This kit utilizes a 4 piston aluminum monoblock Brembo which was designed to survive the rigors of street use.    We have brackets that allow for 3 different rotor sizes.  The rotors sizes are 286x26mm, 302x26mm, and 316x28mm.

One intended feature for this is to be able to swap rotors and brackets based on the season (If you want to run 15" snow tires in the winter you swap on a 286mm bracket and rotor and then if you change to large wheels and tires in the summer, you swap on the corresponding bracket and rotor but the calipers / pads / brake lines remain undisturbed.   

If you want to run a 15" wheel the 286mm rotor is your best option.  This will not clear all 15" wheels but it will clear many, it all depends on the barrel of the wheel and spoke design.   We can provide a template to you to check your wheel clearance.   

The 302/316 option is intended to work with 16" wheels.   Note that only certain wheels will clear, sometimes a wheel spacer can solve this issue depending on the interference.

There are 2 bracket options, 

  • The 286 x 26mm bracket
  • The 302 x 26mm / 316 x 28mm bracket * 

*=(This bracket is reversible and works with both sizes)

One key thing to know is that for the smaller rotor sizes the Calipers are machined to have additional spindle clearance.   We are offering new Calipers that are already machined to simplify the purchasing and installation process.     Every Caliper that we machine will clear the 286mm brackets but if you only want to run a 316mm rotor the necessary clearance modification is minimal if any and can be done with a hand file or Dremel bit.     

Part Numbers for the Brake Rotors

286 x 26mm  part #: 09.8633.11 BREMBO

302 x 26mm part # 31262095 Volvo (these require the lug holes to be enlarged to 5/8" diameter)

316 x 28mm part # 09.9755.11 BREMBO


 Caliper Part numbers 

ACDELCO 25900763

ACDELCO 25900764