240 Master Cylinder Reinforcement Bracket


Features : 

  • Improvement in pedal feel
  • Increased Braking Force
  • Reduction in master cylinder deflection
  • CNC laser cut and formed steel construction
  • Clear Zinc Plating


  • 240s with the thick brake booster (slim boosters need a different bracket
  • LHD 240s
  • These are designed to attach to Kaplhenke Racing Strut braces and will not bolt on to other braces without fabrication and modifications.

Pricing :

$55 + Shipping


Ever since we got our 92 245 we have had a spongy feeling pedal, it felt like there was air in the lines but the system had been thoroughly bled.  Upon investigation we found that there was a considerable amount of flex in the pedal / booster / master cylinder assembly under moderate braking pressure.   This meant some of the force being applied from the driver's foot was being wasted and was not being converted to hydraulic pressure.   To fix this we created a reinforcement bracket that attaches to the master cylinder mounting studs and connects it to our strut brace.  Due to the distance between our attachment point at the brake master cylinder and the firewall we were able to achieve a 10x reduction in deformation.   

Deflection of the stock system under moderate pedal pressure was measured as .030"  at the end of the master cylinder.




Deflection of the stock system with the reinforcement bracket was measured to be .003" at the end of the master cylinder.


New master cylinder brace, improves the mounting stiffness by 10x !!!! #kaplhenkeracing #kaplhenke #volvo240

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