240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers
240 JRZ RSone Coilovers

240 JRZ RSone Coilovers

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Each 240 JRZ RSone Front Package Includes:

  • 2 JRZ RSone Struts w/ spindle cores
  • 2 Eibach Racing Springs, spring rate & length chosen per order
  • Upper and Lower Spring Perches
  • 1 height adjusting wrench

Each 240 JRZ RSone Rear Package Includes:

  • 2 JRZ RSone Dampers
  • 2 Eibach Racing Springs, spring rate & length chosen per order
  • Adjustable Spring Perches

Key Benefits

  • JRZ Suspension RS Internals
  • Kaplhenke spec reinforced strut body
  • Bump stops with Integrated dust boots
  • 24 Adjustment clicks, that increase compression and rebound forces.
  • Unique compression valving design that provides superb handling without sacrificing comfort.
  • Fully CNC Machined Damper internals
  • TIG welded spindle / damper body connection
  • Serviceable design


We have collaborated with JRZ Holland, an internationally renowned damper manufacturer, to offer some of the best dampers ever made for the Volvo 240.  They are applying their internals to our reinforced housing design to provide a product with exceptional strength, durability, and dampening performance.  

One of the weak points of the Volvo 240 Front Suspension is the Strut Housing / Spindle Assembly.  The factory spindles are a nice forging that hold up to most abuse with exceptions in the case of extreme rally cars.  The tubing that Volvo uses to hold the strut inserts while thicker than many other manufacturers is still relatively thin and it is very common to see bent strut housings on cars especially if they are driven in areas with subpar road surfaces or if they being used in on the track where the fastest line can be going over curbing.   The method that Volvo connects the strut housing to the spindle is also not very stiff and flexes quite a bit.     

These reinforced struts use thicker tubing combined with a superior geometry that is resistant to bending & flexing.    The welded construction method is also much more durable than the factory swedged housings.   

We offer these components in 1.5” Shorter than stock configuration, this gives additional travel for lowered vehicles.

The RSone damper technology fitted to these uses knowledge gained from racing.  The use of the large shaft creates an optimum fluid displacement through the preset compression blow off valve to control the unsprung mass. A special designed piston is used to filter out the large, high velocity movements seen with suspensions on street applications.

 The adjustment range offered is large and offers adjustment between smooth street use and aggressive track use.  With every click (counter clockwise) you increase the damping forces in both compression as rebound making the suspension stiffer. With every click you will notice direct influence on the handling of the car. Therefor adjusting the suspension is very quick and easy.  

The new shaft bearing construction allows the damper to live a long life in between service without performance fade. Specially designed for longevity and rebuild-ability. 

The unique compression blow off system damps the unsprung mass resulting in superb handling characteristics without sacrificing comfort. 


We often get asked what the "Core" is, hopefully this will help clarify.   In this kit we are reusing the factory forged spindle.  In order to help you save money on these parts we offer the option for you to supply us with these parts instead of just forcing everyone to buy a set of spindles from us.   


We include the cost of spindle cores in our kit.  The current cost of spindle cores is $200.  If you wish to avoid paying for a set of spindle cores you can supply a set of cores for us to modify for you before you place your order and avoid any core charge.

You can purchase a set of cores for $200 from us and return your original strut cores at a later date and we will refund your core charge.  If you are sending us a set of cores back they must be in good serviceable condition.   Good serviceable condition being defined as, no significant rust or corrosion, no damage or excessive wear to the bearing surfaces, and being generally straight.   If you have a set that is questionable please email us and we can confirm if they will be accepted or not.   



This is the what the core looks like (ABS 240 Unit Pictured).   When sending us the core please remove the springs, wheel hubs, back plates, brake components, and strut inserts.   It is also a good idea to tape or protect the wheel bearing area as it is easily damaged in transit.