240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications

240 Coilovers with Koni Dampers for Lifted Applications

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This product gives a package option for coilovers to ease in ordering. 

This package includes:

  • Koni sport dampers front and sport or race dampers rear
  • Front coil-overs and rear adjustable spring perches
  • Eibach XT springs in the front and Eibach 5" OD springs in the back
  • Koni front bump stops
  • Refundable Coilover Core ($300)

For the Front:

We modify and refurbish Volvo strut housings by removing the factory stamped spring perch, and extend the housing (if required), welding on a stop ring, sandblasting the assembly, and then powder coating it.

The new setup receives all American-made Coilover hardware with American-made materials.   

We use American-Made Eibach XT spec springs in the front, these springs are a premium product that uses a barrel geometry to improve stability, load capacity, and travel.  It also provides the necessary clearance to keep the springs from rubbing the Coilover hardware, a straight geometry spring can often rub and will over time cause noise and will wear the threads off of the adjusters.

For the rear:

We offer a variety of dampers, 1 sport option, and 2 "Race" options.

The standard rear shock is a 240 Koni Sport Yellow. 

The Koni sport option have a long travel, and are ok for a mild lifts.   If you are using extended housings in the front, it is likely that you would benefit from a longer stroke rear damper.   We offer two different length stroke rear dampers.

We recommend installing the adjustable spring perch on the upper frame rail and moving the stock upper spring perch to the trailing arm.  The geometry of the rear suspension will allow the spring to naturally re-align itself if the spring is attached to the upper spring perch.    If you anchor the spring to the trailing arm, it will not seat itself as smoothly.  

 Rear Shock Upgrade: What is it and why would I want it?  

The standard rear 240 Koni sport is a very stiff damper and is intended to control the car with very soft springs.  These can lead to an overly harsh ride when increasing the stiffness of the springs.  The "Race" dampers offer lower compression and rebound valving than the standard Koni sports,  if you balance this with an increase in spring rate, you get a more stable and more comfortable ride.   The Race dampers are also built on a larger damper body, these have bigger valving and can operate at a low gas pressure which helps with ride quality.


This package includes lengthened strut housings with Koni dampers that are raised in the housing,  We can also provide a Koni with increased travel and longer body length.

The rear race dampers we can supply have a longer body and travel than the factory sport dampers so you can raise the vehicle more.   



Answer: It all depends on what you want,  every order is built custom.  If you want to raise the car 1", no problem.   If you want to raise the car 5", we can accommodate that as well.   

 The caveat:  The more you lift the car, the more supporting modifications you will need to maintain driveability and safe suspension geometry.    When you start lifting the car you will need to verify safe articulation of all the ball joints, tie rods, and control arms.   

There are different ways to compensate for the challenges that are created by lifting the car.    At the very moderate end, an adjustable strut mount and panhard bar will help compensate.  At the extreme end of all this, you will need to lower the mounting points for the steering rack, and control arms.   

We usually suggest that people take a hybrid approach when lifting a RWD volvo to minimize that amount of supporting modifications.   If your goal is an overall 3" lift,  you can get 1.5" from the suspension and the remaining 1.5" from the tires.


We often get asked what the "Core" is, hopefully, this will help clarify.   In this kit, we are modifying a factory spindle strut housing assembly.  In order to help you save money on these parts we offer the option for you to supply us with these parts instead of just forcing everyone to buy a set of strut housings from us.   

We only use the later 1982+ Cores for strut tubes. Those cores have thicker and stronger tubes that are more resistant to bending. They also have an improved spindle design which has stronger wheel bearings. Early spindles are available upon request but are not recommended.


The current cost of spindle cores is $300.  If you wish to avoid paying for a set of spindle cores you can supply a set of cores for us to modify for you before you place your order and avoid any core charge.

This product includes a $300 core charge which is already included in the price listed above.  If you return your original strut cores at a later date and we will refund your core charge.  If you are sending us a set of cores back they must be in good serviceable condition.   Good serviceable condition is defined as the following:

    • no significant rust or corrosion,
    • no damage or excessive wear to the bearing surfaces,
    • is generally straight.  
    • Not cut or modified including the brake line brackets

    If you have a set that is questionable please email us and we can confirm if they will be accepted or not.  

    You can supply a set of cores for us to modify for you and we will reduce the price of the Front or           Front & Rear Coilovers by $300.   


    This is what the core looks like (ABS 240 Unit Pictured).   When sending us the core please remove the springs, wheel hubs, backing plates, brake components, and strut inserts.   It is also a good idea to tape or protect the wheel bearing area as it is easily damaged in transit.