240 Coilovers with Koni Sport Dampers


This product gives a package option for coilovers to ease in ordering. 

These come available in stock length housing or shortened housings.

This package includes:

  • Koni sport dampers front and rear
  • Front coilovers and rear adjustable spring perches
  • Eibach XT springs in the front and Eibach 5" OD springs in the back
  • Koni front bump stops
  • Refundable Coilover Core ($200)

This package is ideal for people who are looking for a budget coilover option that is a complete bolt-on and ready to install.   The valving in these are softer than our Koni Race Dampers so we will not recommend using springs that are as longer and softer.   These are a good option for daily drivers at any ride height.   We have an alternate sport damper that has a shorter body that we can use in place of the normal Koni yellows.

For shortened options, the rear shock is a regular 740 Koni yellow.  This has a long travel and if you are running shortened housings in the front your rear springs will become unseated the car is in the air.  Our spring perches have built-in holes to secure the spring to the perch which keeps the spring engaged in this occurrence.  By installing the spring perch on the upper frame rail and moving the stock upper spring perch to the trailing arm the geometry of the rear suspension will naturally re-align itself if the spring is attached to the upper spring perch.    If this is a problem we can offer a rear race shock upgrade.    The race dampers feature a shorter droop length to keep the springs engaged at lower ride heights and most importantly they have a larger diameter body and valving which actually improves the ride quality over the smaller valving and housing of the sport shocks.  





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