240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications
Kaplhenke Racing

240 Coilovers for Lifted Applications

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SAVE $300 on your coilover order by supplying spindle cores!!! 

Pricing & Packages:

Front & Rear Lift Coilovers include: 

    • We extend the strut housing to use a longer insert or allow for the stock insert to be raised.
    • To extend the strut housings we cut the strut housing and weld in an extension tube made from stock strut housings.  
    • A pair of modified strut housings & a core,  If you send us back your original struts we will refund the $300 core charge.
    • Coil-over hardware consisting of our low profile upper spring perches, aluminum sleeve, and spring seat.
    • Eibach Brand Springs,  XT (extra travel barrel) springs in the front and 5" OD springs in the rear.

    The Upgrade option of Luxesteer includes:

    • Our Luxe Steer Spring Seats and New SKF Bearings

      What it doesn't include: 

      • Dampers are sold separately.

      Key Benefits:

      • Height Adjustment
      • Increased alignment (camber & caster) when used with our adjustable strut mounts
      • Our kits include Eibach Racing Springs, with spring rates & lengths of your choice.
      • All hardware aluminum hardware is 6061 T6 grade and anodized for corrosion prevention.
      • Billet Aluminum Rear Spring Perches and Height Adjusters
      • Welded stop ring

        Details about the products: 

        Adjustable Coilovers are one of the key components to unlocking the handling performance of a 240 chassis.

        One of the key improvements when using the 240 Adjustable Coilovers is changing the springs from an application-specific spring, which is only available in a very limited selection, to standard motorsport spring. Standard motorsport springs are available in many different lengths and stiffness rates. Typical “sport springs” are designed to lower the car for aesthetic purposes and provide a very mild increase in spring rate. These low spring rates are good for ride comfort but bad for performance. We have spring packages that we can tailor to the individual’s preference for the balance between ride quality and performance. Using a more aggressive spring rate can improve the cars response to steering, braking, and acceleration inputs. It also reduces body roll side to side and front to rear resulting in better braking performance and increased lateral grip.

        The ability to adjust the spring height at each corner of the car lets the cars ride height and corner weights to be adjusted and fine-tuned. Ride height adjustment can be used to increase the aesthetic value, the utility value, and handling performance of the 240.

        When Volvo designed the suspension on the 240 they built-in understeer under mid to heavy cornering to protect the unskilled motorist from sliding out of control. One of the best ways to remove this understeer and improve tire wear is to improve the front end tire alignment of the car. The factory springs have a large outer diameter and when coupled with our adjustable strut mounts can limit the adjustment range before the spring will hit the inside of the strut tower. The front springs that we use have a much smaller diameter and allow the alignment to be adjusted into a more optimal position.

        This conversion compliments our adjustable strut mounts by allowing for a larger adjustment range due to the smaller diameter front springs.

        Each set is sent with springs to the customers specifications based on desired driving applications.

        The modification to the front struts removes 4 lbs / side.



        We often get asked what the "Core" is, hopefully this will help clarify.   In this kit we are modifying a factory spindle strut housing assembly.  In order to help you save money on these parts we offer the option for you to supply us with these parts instead of just forcing everyone to buy a set of strut housings from us.   

        We only use the later 1982+ Cores for strut tubes. Those cores have thicker and stronger tubes that are more resistant to bending. They also have an improved spindle design which have stronger wheel bearings. Early spindles are available upon request but are not recommended.  Click this link for a comparison photo between the early and late spindles.


        The current cost of spindle cores is $300.  If you wish to avoid paying for a set of spindle cores you can supply a set of cores for us to modify for you before you place your order and avoid any core charge.

        If you purchase a set of cores for $300 from us and return your original strut cores at a later date and we will refund your core charge.  If you are sending us a set of cores back they must be in good serviceable condition.   Good serviceable condition is defined as the following:

          • no significant rust or corrosion,
          • no damage or excessive wear to the bearing surfaces,
          • is generally straight.  
          • Not cut or modified including the brake line brackets

          If you have a set that is questionable please email us and we can confirm if they will be accepted or not.  


          This is what the core looks like (ABS 240 Unit Pictured).   When sending us the core please remove the springs, wheel hubs, backplates, brake components, and strut inserts.   It is also a good idea to tape or protect the wheel bearing area as it is easily damaged in transit.