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240 17Z Big Brake Kit Hawk HPS 5.0 Pads

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Sold in Pairs: 1 Front order comes with pads for both front calipers.  

Hawk Performance HPS 5.0

For years, engine builders have been pushing motors to the limits of their ability, and at Hawk Performance, we're closer than ever to pushing the ABS Rev Limiter to its limits. The Hawk HPS 5.0 (High Performance Street 5.0) brake pad compound gives your vehicle the greatest possible stopping power and pedal feel without compromising ABS. HPS 5.0 is a Ferro-Carbon compound that provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design with the braking technology of motorsports. The results are shorter stopping distances, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and street car friendly characteristics.

Expert Opinion

The Hawk HPS 5.0 is a good choice if you are looking to increase your street performance to the maximum level possible without suffering the adverse side effects of noise and large amounts of brake dust commonly associated with higher performance pads. The HPS 5.0 will provide increased brake torque and operating temperature when compared to the Hawk HPS compound. The HPS 5.0 compound can withstand light track use as long as you are aware of the signs of over-heating and allow proper cool off time when the pads approach their upper temperature. The Hawk HPS 5.0 compound is not a race compound and it can not withstand prolonged race sessions at high temperatures. The HPS 5.0 Compound will be cleaner than most OEM Pads, but produce more brake dust than the Hawk Ceramic and Hawk HPS.

Hawk HPS 5.0 Compound Characteristics:

  • Aggressive Torque
  • Great Rotor and Pad Wear
  • Smooth, Predictable Control
  • High Rates of Deceleration
  • Consistent Release Characteristics
  • 100-750 Deg F Operating Temperature Range
  • 100-550 Deg F Optimal Temperature Range


Compound Chart

Hawk Performance HPS 5.0 Chart