240 Adjustable Trailing Arms & Rear Coilover Conversion


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These replace the factory stamped and welded sheet metal control arms with a high strength and stiffness design. It incorporates a Teflon Lubricated Spherical Bearing to replace the factory rubber bushing that connects the trailing arms to the chassis. By using a spherical bearing over a rubber or polyurethane you are increasing the amount of compliance the rear suspension has in side to side roll but decreasing the compliance in front to rear roll. The overall effect is you have a more immediate response to engine and brake torque with better rear grip and traction. Keeping the rear suspension compliant in side to side roll also known as body roll is critical in the performance of a solid axle rear suspension.

These trailing arms also relocate the shock absorber and the spring into one unit, typically referred to as a coilover. There are several advantages to this setup. By using a self contained spring and damper unit you get more consistent spring and shock dampening. Using a coil over setup also facilitates the use of tender springs which are useful when using stiffer spring rates in a solid axle suspension.

In addition to the other benefits these arms provide they also provide improved geometry for shock control, what this means if you have more consistent dampening at lower ride heights compared to the stock shock location.

Included with the trailing arms is a CNC machined Billet Aluminum upper mount, This is what creates bolt-on upper attachment point for the coilover. It bolts into the frame using the factory retaining bolts. This upper mount was designed to be as low profile as possible without the need for cutting into the upper frame rail. By keeping the attachment point as high as possible you get more ride travel at a set ride height compared to a taller mount.

Key Benefits


  • Adjustable 3 Piece Teflon lined solid rod ends (Aurora/FK type)
  • 4130 chromolly tubing and sheetmetal for a durable but stiff geometry.
  • Provides fine-tuning adjustment of pinion angle.
  • Relocates the location of the shock to where the spring is normally located, this increases inner tire to chassis clearance
  • Smaller profile trailing arm also increase tire clearance
  • Billet Aluminum Bolt-on Upper Mount Included
  • True coilovers in the rear simplifies packaging and makes adjustments quick
  • Maintains the axle to trailing arm bushing to keep the vibrations transmitted to a minimum.
  • Electroless nickel plated for long lasting durable corrosion prevention.
  • Compatible with stock rear swaybar

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