240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
240 Adjustable Strut Mounts
Kaplhenke Racing

240 Adjustable Strut Mounts

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Key Benefits

  • Solid metal design eliminates weak rubber mounts
  • Increased adjustment range
  • Replaceable center bearing
  • Strengthens strut tower
  • Integrated Luxe Steer Bearing Retainer


Sold per pair (2)

  • 2 * 240 Adjustable Strut Mounts - $334+ Shipping
  • Upgrade with 2 * Luxe Steer™ Bearings & 2* 2.5" Luxe Steer™ Spring Seats - $98 + Shipping
  • Upgrade with 2 * Luxe Steer Adapter for Stock Spring Perches & Luxe Steer Bearings - $98 + Shipping


These adjustable strut mounts allow for a better front end alignment, this keeps the front wheels at an optimized angle to increase front grip and reduce excessive outer edge tire wear during heavy cornering.

These strut mounts integrate a bearing retainer for our Luxe Steer™ system when utilized this makes these strut mounts quieter, smoother, and longer-lasting than the competition.

The Strut Mounts can be installed underneath the strut tower or they can sandwich the factory sheet metal which gives easier access when using more extreme alignment angles typically used for race applications.

The mounts feature a billet machined 4140 Steel Bearing Retainer that has been heat-treated for maximum strength and Geomet 720+ for corrosion protection. The billet bearing retainer is a new revision on our adjustable strut mounts and is backwards compatible with earlier camber plates. The bearing retainer received extensive computer stress simulation to optimize the design for maximum strength and stiffness with minimal stress.

The bearings we use are specifically designed and manufactured for motorsport use by Aurora Bearing in the USA, they also sell an identical bearing with aerospace certification at 3x the cost. The oversize bearings used in these provide maximum load carrying capacity and long term durability. The bearings are 100% Stainless Steel with a self lubricating PTFE bonded lining, stainless steel construction makes the bearings very long lasting and resistant to wear.

While this product may be more expensive then generic camber plates, our use of superior design, materials, and components will make the overall price of ownership lower due to better durability.




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