140 Hybrid Adjustable Torque Rods V3
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140 Hybrid Adjustable Torque Rods V3

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Key Benefits:

  • High Strength Alloy Steel FK Adjustable 3 piece spherical PTFE lubricated rod ends 
  • CNC Machined Aluminum center link / Black Anodized
  • High-Quality Stainless reducer bushings allow the use of standard-sized rod ends with increased misalignment capability
  • Easy adjustment without removal from car.
  • Provides the ability to fine-tune the adjustment of driveshaft alignment
  • Contoured shape provides additional chassis clearance for lowered vehicles
  • BNE Comfort


These torque rods are intended for the daily driver/enthusiast that wants to improve the response and grip of his rear suspension while not experiencing any additional noise or vibrations from the rear axle. We accomplish this by using a high precision spherical bearing on the axle side of the torque rod and a factory designed bushing on the chassis side.  These pivots are connected by a high strength Finite Element Optimized structural link that is much stronger than the factory steel torque rods.  

The critical reason these work better than a torque rod with bushings designed from hard rubber or plastic, like Delrin or polyurethane, is because it can not pivot with enough degrees of freedom.   When using bushings that are not designed to allow sufficient movement the rear suspension can suffer from a lack of grip due to the binding of the rear suspension.   

By utilizing this torque rod design the allowed deflection of the rear torque rods is reduced by half without adding any bind or negative consequences.  This translates to a rear suspension that has good throttle and brake response but dampens clutch engagement.   For example, if you run a full race torque rod that we offer this transmits all torque inputs without any dampening.   This rewards rev-matching and driving with high precision if you decide you do not want to drive with this level of engagement it makes the ride rougher on gear change.  These hybrid torque rods give just enough level of dampening to make this level of engagement not necessary to have a smooth ride but rewards the driver when rev-matching is properly executed.    It also allows the rear end to have some float over rough pavement which improves grip and ride quality.   For these reasons, we have given these the label of BNE comfort which blends comfort and performance.

These hybrid torque rods are much stronger than the factory torque rods which are a steel weldment that can shear around the eyelets.  They are also adjustable in length which allows for fine-tuning of the axles position and pinion angle, this is critically important if a 1 piece driveshaft is being installed.   

Install notes:

  • We recommend a minimum engagement of 10 threads on the main bolt to the arm and 12 threads on the rod end to the adjuster.
  • The rubber bushing side is intended to be installed on the chassis side to maximize the amount of Sound Isolation.   
  • The text should be readable from the ground if the rod is mounted correctly.  If the text appears to be upside-down relative to the ground than the part is upside down.
  • It is important to torque the fastener on the chassis side with the car at ride height or you will but extra stress on the rubber bushing.