140 Adjustable Torque Rods



 220 USD + Shipping (Sold per pair)

Key Benefits:

  • Adjustable 3 piece spherical PTFE lubricated rod ends (Aurora / FK type)
  • Aluminum center link
  • Precision turned aluminum misalignment spacers.
  • Provides fine-tune adjustment of driveshaft alignment
  • Allows additional fender clearance to run larger width tires


These torque rods are much stronger than the factory torque rods and keep the rear end precisely aligned.   The use of spherical bearings improves throttle and brake response while removing any binding that you would get with delrin or polyurethane.   They are also adjustable in length which allow for fine tuning of the axles position and pinion angle, which is critically important if a 1 piece drive shaft is being installed.   




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