Kaplhenke Cup!

Are you endurance racing a Volvo? Do you want the opportunity to win Kaplhenke products? We are starting a Kaplhenke Cup to encourage the use of Volvos in the current popular budget racing events like Chump Car & 24 Hours of Lemons.    

What does it take to participate?   

  1. Send us info about your race car including current mods, completed races, upcoming races, and a few pictures of the race car.  

  2. Upon review we will send out two, 24" x 10" high quality die cut Kaplhenke Racing Vinyl.    

  3. Just place the vinyl anywhere visible on the car that might get photographed.

  4. If you have a class win, send us two pictures from the race where you can see the Vinyl and we will pay out:

    • For a sprint race (5-8 hrs) you can win $50 store credit
    • For a normal enduro (9-15 hrs) you can win $100 store credit
    • For a 24 hour race you can win $125 store credit