p80 / p2 Adjustable Strut Mount


Key benefits

  • Reduces friction and binding in the front suspension.
  • Solid metal design eliminates weak and problematic rubber strut/spring mounts
  • Adds the ability to adjust caster and camber
  • Replaceable center bearing
  • Stainless Steel Teflon Lubricated Performance Racing Aurora Brand Spherical Bearing
  • Luxe Steer™ comes with SKF brand sealed bearings


    Pricing: Sold in Pairs

    390 USD + Shipping for the adjustable strut mounts only, (you will have to supply / fabricate your own spring perches)

    495 USD + Shipping for the adjustable strut mounts & Luxe Steer™ for 2.5" ID Coilover Springs, (use this option if you have a traditional coilover spring)

    595 USD + Shipping for the adjustable strut mounts & Luxe Steer™ for Stock Geometry Springs, (use this option if you are using stock springs, sport springs like IPD or TME, or KW coilovers)



    These will fit p80 and p2 cars made from 1993 – 2008,  including the S60R/v70R.

    These adjustable strut mounts are a blend of materials including forged aluminum billet machined and anodized chassis mount plate, heat treated alloy steel and Geomet coated bearing retainer, and heat treated wear resistant stainless steel spherical bearings.  Each alloy was tailored to provide the most stiffness, the least weight, and the best durability. 

    Due to the complex curvature of the strut towers of these vehicles, we performed a surface scan of the existing sheet metal and stock strut mounts using a Faro CMM Arm.  With that data, best fit algorithms were performed to calculate the optimal shape of the new part.  

    This design features an offset mounting plane for the spherical bearing retainer,  the angle of this plane was set to center the bearing at static ride height to provide the most angularity in every direction eliminating any chance of binding which reduces suspension performance and can reduce damper life. 

    Once the optimal packaging geometry was determined we put all the components through a rigorous onslaught of Finite element analysis and subsequent parameter driven optimization routines.  With this we were able to tweak and optimize the section thickness, radii, and other variables to get the stiffest part with the lowest stress levels while minimizing the installed height to keep the maximum ride travel for any ride height. 

    We use high quality American made Aurora spherical bearings, with a wear resistant stainless steel construction and a bonded maintenance free Teflon liner.   The bearings are over sized for the application and were chosen to increase the service life of the product.

    These parts allow for easy adjustment and fine tuning of the vehicles camber and caster, tweaking these alignment variables can improve handling performance and increase tire life. 

    We also offer an upper spring seats that allows the use of our adjustable strut mounts with stock geometry springs. That means any spring that uses the stock upper spring seat will work with these upper spring seats. That includes stock springs, (IPD, Eibach, H&R) sport springs, KW coilover springs, etc....

    If you are planning on using the factory geometry springs in combination with our adjustable strut mounts be advised that the size of the stock geometry springs will be a limiting factor in the amount of adjustment you will be able to get with our plates, There is no way around this besides going for smaller diameter springs.




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