p80 AWD Coilovers


Package Pricing:

Front & Rear Kit:

  • JRZ RSone Front Struts
  • Kaplhenke Adjustable Strut Mounts
  • Eibach Springs
  • Custom Koni Yellow Rear Shocks
  • Aluminum Adjustable Rear Spring Perches & Bump Stop Retainers (bumpstops not included)




850/S70/V70 AWD Coilovers for AWD cars produced from 1993-2000.

The following components were designed to improve the performance and versatility of the first generation AWD cars. These kits can be custom tailored to your requirements. Dependent on spring rate, damper selection, damper adjustment, and overall length the package can be used to lower the chassis, raise the chassis, reduce body roll, or keep compliance. These components were developed utilizing the latest in Computer Aided Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, and Computer Numerical Controlled Machining. This allows the components to be strong, durable, stiff, and light. These components can be tailored for street, race, or a combination.

 The struts are built to our specifications by JRZ.  This new generation of parts no longer uses an insert but is a bespoke coilover strut.   Our front kit includes our Adjustable Strut Mounts.

The rear kit was designed to utilize the stock spring and damper locations, a true coilover conversion was deemed to be a bad decision due to the packaging and strength constraints of the factory subframe and suspension layout. By keeping the stock spring and shock locations all of the loads are absorbed by the chassis as was originally intended by the engineers @ Volvo. This minimizes chassis flex and stress and helps to keep good handling and ride quality characteristics. The rear components consist of an adjustable spring seat, bump stop retainer, and shock adapter. All rear components are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are anodized to prevent surface corrosion.


We can provide a variety of different spring rates and damper settings to custom tailor the dampers to best suit the intended use for the vehicle. From a Sport Driven street car to a track driven race car we can provide a good match of damper valving and spring settings. The rear components include an all aluminum adjustable rear perch that allows for ride height and suspension preload to be adjusted. We also have a component that retains the factory bumpstop to help protect the suspension and tires from bottoming during hard impacts.

We recommend purchasing a matching front and rear package but we do sell the front and rear setups separately.

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