700 / 900 Adjustable Strut Mounts



390 USD + Shipping (Sold per pair)

Comes complete with mounting hardware

Key Benefits

  • Solid metal design eliminates weak rubber mounts
  • Adds the ability to change the camber/caster angle
  • Compatible with Stock Springs and Struts as well as coilover conversions.
  • Replaceable center bearing
  • Strengthens strut tower
  • Stainless Steel Teflon Lubricated Performance Racing Aurora Brand Spherical Bearing
  • Integrated Luxesteer™ retainer


These adjustable strut mounts feature two main components, a heat treated 4140 alloy steel electroless nickel plated bearing retainer and a billet machined Aluminum 6061 T6 black anodized chassis plate. Both components were designed and optimized via extensive Finite Element Analysis to minimize stress and maximize stiffness.

The chassis and a factory strut mount were digitized using a FARO Coordinate Measuring Arm. Using this information I was able to create a best fit curve to match and maximize contact with the hemi spherical strut towers. This helps to reduce stress in the strut mounts and creates a stiffer installation.

The mounting slots allow for the adjustment of the bearing retainer adjustment axis. The strut mount can be placed in a wide range of locations, from 0 camber and max caster to max negative camber and 0 caster. There is also secondary hole on the bearing retainer that keeps the bearing retainer bolts accessible under the full adjustment range without having to loosen the chassis plate to access them.

 These strut Mounts are compatible with coilovers and the factory spring perches.  

If you will be using them with coilovers you will need the SKF Luxesteer Bearing + the Luxesteer™ Spring perch




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