240 Rear Axle Spherical Bearings V3


Key Benefits:

  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • CNC machined
  • Type II Anodized
  • Aurora brand PTFE lubricated spherical bearing
  • Improves performance of the rear suspension


$195 per pair + Shipping.


Tired of replacing the rear axle to trailing arm bushings that never seem to last long enough and make the rear suspension feel sloppy and have a tendency to wheel hop? These rear bushings are arguably the worst job to do on a 240 and are also the weakest link; if you sick of replacing them, we have a solution for you!

To get proper articulation and to not over constrain the rear axle, Volvo put voids into the rubber bushings. At the same time, this works to allow the rear suspension to rotate back and forth with travel. It makes the bushing weak and prone to ripping and destruction. Our competitors offer a polyurethane bushing to replace this Volvo bushing. While this bushing is much more durable, it is also a very poorly designed product that is not well suited to it's installed application. The polyurethane bushings will deal with vertical travel reasonably well, but they do not respond to body roll or one wheel bumps correctly. They do not pivot in the body roll direction! What this does is it causes the rear suspension to bind. When the rear suspension binds, it lifts the rear wheel off the ground. It reduces grip levels, reducing traction accelerating out of corners, and causing an unpredictable shift in handling balance to oversteer.

Enter the 240 Spherical Rear Axle Bushings: We CNC machined a billet aluminum housing that presses into the stock location. In that housing is a durable, Teflon lined maintenance-free spherical bearing, retained with a snap ring. If the spherical bearing ever needs to be replaced, just remove the snap ring and press the spherical out and replace it.


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