240 Extended Wheel Studs & Wheel Spacers


AVAILABILITY: We are currently back-ordered on 25mm wheel spacers but we are in the process of manufacturing a fresh batch to fulfill backorders and restock inventory.


10 * 240 Extended Wheel Studs - $50 + Shipping
20 * 240 Extended Wheel Studs - $90 + Shipping
2 * 16.5mm Wheel Spacers - $110 + Shipping
2 * 25mm Wheel Spacers - $125 + Shipping
2 * 32mm Wheel Spacers - $140 + Shipping
10 * 240 Extended Wheel Studs and 2 * 16.5mm Wheel Spacers - $135 + Shipping
10 * 240 Extended Wheel Studs and 2 * 25mm Wheel Spacers - $148 + Shipping
10 * 240 Extended Wheel Studs and 2 * 32mm Wheel Spacers - $165 + Shipping


    240 Extended Wheel Studs

    • Studs length suitable for up to ~40* mm of wheel spacer  
    • Correct Knurl and Brake Hat Shoulder Diameter to be a bolt-in factory replacement
    • A ball end quick start helps ensure a positive non-cross threaded engagement.   
    • Makes wheel spacer and offset changes faster and less cumbersome then adapter style parts.
    • Cold formed from 8740 alloy steel.
    • 1/2-20 UNJ profile threads which feature a fully radius thread root for increased strength.
    • Black Zinc Plated
    • Threads Rolled after heat treatment for improved fatigue life.
    • 180,000 PSI Tensile Strength
    • Made in the USA

     (*this may vary due to the thickness of different wheels and lug nut designs, always verify proper thread engagement before installation of wheel spacers and extended studs)

    Wheel Spacers

    • Available in 15mm, 16.5mm, 25mm, and 32mm thickness
    • CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Weight reduction pockets reduces rotating and unsprung mass.  
    • Hubcentric design allows for vibration free mounting of wheels at various offsets.
    • Black Anodized
    • 5 x 108mm Pattern with a 65.1mm Center Bore
    • Made in the USA




     Kaplhenke Wheel Spacers & Extended Wheel Studs 

    Generic Wheel Adapters


    Our pocketed wheel spacers are lighter Wheel adapters are heavier and contain more metal


    High strength steel studs pressed into the factory steel hub Wheel Studs pressed into an aluminum spacer


    5 Lug nuts & studs / corner w/ ease of checking tightening torque

    10 Lug nuts & studs / corner w/ only half being able to be easily checked for fastening torque.   Studs pressed into aluminum.

    Easy of Change

    Initial installation requires pressing in of studs but every other time a wheel spacer is changed it can be done in seconds. Faster initial installation but requires 2x the work to change wheel spacers every time a wheel adapters are changed.

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