Dual Pattern Ford T5 / TKO / TKX Adapter Plate V3
Dual Pattern Ford T5 / TKO / TKX Adapter Plate V3
Dual Pattern Ford T5 / TKO / TKX Adapter Plate V3
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Dual Pattern Ford T5 / TKO / TKX Adapter Plate V3

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Key Features:

  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% CNC Machined in the USA
  • Allows the use of Ford T5 and Tremec TKO TKX Transmissions.  


This adapter plate allows you to mount a Ford T5 / TKO / TKX transmission to a Volvo Redblock b21/b23/b230 - m45/m46/m47 bell housing. The plate allows for the motor to be installed upright or slanted.

The adapter plates are machined from 6061-t6 billet aluminum. The one-piece billet design gives the best and most accurate positioning of the transmission relative to the crankshaft

There are different ways to adapt these transmissions to be used in cars like the Volvo 240 or Volvo 740, the way we approach this requires a little extra work up front but makes any future swaps easier.    Our product does not require any disassembly of the transmission or shimming of the input shaft.    In the future, if you ever need to troubleshoot or replace the transmission you can swap in another with ease.

The T5 and TKO transmissions are used in a variety of cars most notably many V8 cars. The T5 variants that were used in V8 cars have excellent torque-holding capabilities. These transmissions will hold up to abuse from modified Volvos with more power output than normal. Any transmission shop should be able to rebuild a T5 transmission with ease and there are many companies offering upgraded internals to increase the transmission's performance.

We now sell multiple versions of these plates which can eliminate the need to get a different length input shaft if you source a more common V6 or later v8 gearbox.   

Bellhousing & core info:

To successfully use these plates they require the Volvo bellhousing to be machined.   The machining is simple but needs to be done accurately or you can have problems with bearing life in the transmission.   We offer this service or you can find a local machine shop to do it for you to save on core and shipping costs.    

Bellhousing core refunds are $250,  we supply a prepaid return label for customers in the US.   

 Throw out bearing & clutch fork:

 We offer adapters and throwout bearings to reuse a m46 style clutch fork, you can find them here.


Driveshaft info:

There are several ways to approach this, there is no perfect answer to this but each way has its own pros and cons.

Modifying the factory 2 piece:

With this approach, you modify the front half of the driveshaft and add a slip yoke in lieu of either the factory guibo or u-joint that attaches to the Volvo factory transmission.  


  •  Lower chance of additional NVH due to the two shorter shafts being more rigid and less prone to vibration than a long single-piece unit
  • No need to adjust torque rod length due to no required pinion angle
  • No floor clearance issues with low ride heights


  • It can be more difficult to find a driveshaft shop that can successfully balance a 2 piece driveshaft
  • 2 slip yokes provide extra unnecessary complexity
  • You are working with old components that need refurbishment

Adapting a new single-piece driveshaft.


  • No center support bearing to maintain
  • Less rotating weight and less moving parts
  • Options for 3" aluminum driveshafts
  • New units can be sourced for less money


  • Floor pan modification is required to create enough clearance for low ride heights
  • More likely to vibrate due to the extra length 
  • Requires adjustable torque rods to fine-tune the new pinion angle.