Dual Pattern Ford T5 / TKO Adapter Plate



$140 / plate including mounting hardware + Shipping

$50 for bell housing machining 

$100 for a bell housing core

$35 for T5 throwout bearing blocks

Key Features:

  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
  • 100% CNC Machined in the USA
  • Allows the use of Ford T5 and Tremec TKO Transmissions.  


This Bell housing adapter allows you to mount a Ford T5 / TKO transmission to a Volvo Redblock b21/b23/b230 - m45/m46/m47 bell housings. The plate allows for the motor to be installed upright or slanted.

The adapter plates are machined from 6061-t6 billet aluminum. The one piece billet design gives the best and most accurate positioning of the transmission relative to the crank shaft

The T5 and TKO transmissions are used in a variety of cars most notably many V8 cars. The T5 variants that were used in V8 cars have excellent torque holding capabilities. These transmissions will hold up to abuse from modified Volvos with more power output than normal. Any transmission shop should be able to rebuild a T5 transmission with ease and there are many companies offering upgraded internals to increase the transmission's performance.

These adapter plates are designed to be used with an input shaft length of ~182.6 mm (7.18") Sometimes it is easier to source a transmission with a longer input shaft but they can be changed relatively easily.

We are selling this adapter plate two different ways. The first way would require a core bellhousing we would modify to accept this adapter plate. The second way would require you to have the transmission mounting side of the bellhousing machined locally, this will be the best option for our international customers to help them save on core and shipping costs.


When using a clutch cable system we recommend using the m46 cable clutch fork in combination with these brass adapter blocks. They allow the use of mustang throwout bearing.  The stock mustang TOB is not recommended as it is too short, therefore we recommend using the Mcleod Adjustable Throw out bearing with part # 16515

Pricing is $30 / pair + shipping, the pins of the clutch fork will need to be shortened to accommodate the width the throwout bearing.

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