240 Basic Strut Brace


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We are also now offering the 2nd best strut brace on the market. This brace offers the same CNC press brake formed mounting plates and large diameter thin walled tubing that is utilized in our regular strut brace.   The lack of firewall bracing makes this brace much more affordable to manufacturer so we can offer it at a lower price.


The thick mounting plates helps to reinforce the factory sheet metal and keeps your strut towers from becoming domed over time.  The 1 piece TIG welded construction offers added stability to the chassis when compared to a bolted or rod end type of construction.   

This brace fits all 240's from 1975-1993.  Including flat hoods and the 91+ 240 brake reservoirs.


We are frequently asked by customers if the factory GT braces can be used with this brace and the answer is no.   If you want to have the firewall connection braced we recommend going with the full featured strut brace that we offer which is far superior to using the GT braces in combination with another strut brace.   



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