240 5.25" Speaker Bracket and Grill


We now have speaker brackets in stock and will be machining additional speaker grills shortly.

Key Features

  • OEM+++
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • CNC Machined
  • Black Anodized and available in 2 non-reflective finishes.   
  • Allows the use of 5.25" speakers
  • Comes with C-clips, Screws, and all required mounting hardware
  • Allows for ~2.2" of Mounting Depth


  • 5.25" Speaker Brackets w/ mounting hardware is 90 per set to do two front speakers.  - $100 + Shipping
  • 5.25" Speaker Grilles & Brackets w/ mounting hardware is 225 per set to do two front speakers.  - $225 + Shipping


From 1975-1989, the Volvo 240 was sold with 4" Diameter front speakers.   This was the epitome of minimal audio but probably worked well for the college professor who wanted to listen to the news on the way to campus.  In 1990, Volvo realized how mediocre 2 4" speakers were and changed to 2 5.25" speaker but the speaker mounting bracket was made from plastic and prone to cracking and the grille also did not match the 240 interior as well as the grill that came on the 4" speakers.   Needless to say, but their speaker update fell short of the legendary quality of the Volvo 240 and the longevity of their interiors.

For many of us who daily drive a 240, we want an improvement in audio quality without the hassle or extra weight that adding additional speakers creates.  By changing to a larger 5.25" Speaker from a 4" speaker you can get much better low and mid-frequency response.   2 5.25" speakers won't create enough bass to rattle the windows but it does allow for a much better audio experience and with the advent of high-quality portable media, the difference is very notable.   There are many ways to install a 5.25" speaker in the front of a 240 but we wanted to do something that, to the untrained eye, would look like Volvo offered this in the 1980s.    We consider this to be OEM+++  

Many speakers nowadays can have good audio performance but look out of place in the interior of a Volvo 240, now people can run a good speaker but not have to see the tacky grills that manufacturers have been including with their speakers.   

The speaker mounting bracket has angled back to sit correctly recessed against the 240 door panel.  We also have the door panel mounting holes positioned to use very deep C-clip panel fasteners which helps keep the door panels intact.  

We offer the grilles in a satin black finish and a matte black finish.   

Both the mounting brackets and grills are CNC machined from billet 6061 t6 Aluminum,  this creates a durable and high-quality product.

 Click here for an installation guide for the speaker brackets.  

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