240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4
240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4
240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4
240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4
240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4
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240 Adjustable Panhard bar V4

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Key Benefits

  • Adjustable 3 Piece Teflon lined solid rod ends (Aurora/FK type)
  • Extruded Aluminum Thick-Walled Tubing
  • Provides fine-tune adjustment of axle position left to right.
  • Additional adjustments can make fitting larger tires easier.
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance.
  • Easy adjustment via a double adjuster for length adjustment without removing from car.


As the 240 rear suspensions are lowered the axle will become offset from the centerline of the chassis.  This can be fixed by changing the length of the Panhard bar.   This is critical for cars that are lowered by a significant amount and are running wider wheels and tires than stock.   Spherical rod ends are superior to polyurethane and rubber bushings as they offer no deflection but are free to pivot, which improves grip and ride comfort.

V4 Product notes: 

We redesigned the double adjuster to use spherical rod ends that have proven to be more durable and reliable over the long haul.   We also extended the length of the adjuster to provide more adjustment and made it more compact at the same time.   

V3 Product notes: 

 Our 3rd revision of this product includes a revised center tube that allows the use of a compact double-threaded adjuster, this threaded double adjuster allows for fine-tuning of the axle.  We recommend setting the general length with the Axle side adjustment and doing the final dialing with the chassis side hardware.


Version choice: 

If you have a ford 9" or any other larger aftermarket axle housing, we can increase the bend angle to improve the differential clearance.   Just select the increased clearance option.   For this option, we modify in-stock units and it usually results in scratches in the anodized area around the bend angle.   

We recommend the additional clearance option if you are using a ford 8.8 axle.